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Research and Development (R&D)

For LEDlite International Co. Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars in every one of our product lines. It is for this reason that we have aimed to be in the vanguard in terms of the diversity of LED illumination products. It is with this in mind that we pursue a rigourous research and development process that involves all areas of the company, starting with initial sketching and conceptual design leading right up to the construction, quality testing and production process of our products.

These are the most significant steps in this process:

1. Outline and Product Conceptualization:

The first step in the R&B process is carried out in our central offices located in Carson, California. It consists in putting together the complete design of a product including each of its components utilizing computer simulation software. In general each product is composed of three basic elements: the chasis, the "cookie" of the LEDs (chips) and the driver.

For our engineers, this is one of the most important steps because it permits them to catch a glimpse of the characteristics and specifications that will be realized once the product is fabricated. They take special care in rendering these aspects of the design process to ensure their quality.

ledlite-led-design-engineer       ledlite-led-bulbs-design 
In the photo, one of our engineers working on the conceptual design of a new LEDlite product. 

2. Definition of the productive process:

The definition of the productive process consists in the selection of the most appropriate materials in terms of resistance, heat dissipation, photometric performance, mechanical properties and compliance with environmental standards, among other factors. In this way, we create a model of production in our Shenzhen plants that permits an orderly fabrication that complies with the international norms and that affords us efficiency with regard to a timely delivery of the product to the markets.

In many cases, this step implies the acquisition of the most recent generation of new machines and the training of our personnel in the plants for the operation of said machines.

 ledlite-automatic-machines    ledlite-led-production

3. Prototyping and Design Evaluation:

Once we have a clear design of the product and a standardized definition of the process of production, we proceed with the fabrication of a series of completely functional prototypes with the objective of evaluating the result and verify that the finished products match the original idea with respect to quality, finishes and aspects of performance.

In the event that there is any disagreement on the part of the engineering team, they make an exhaustive evaluation of the production process as well as the design of the product to ensure that they deliver to our clients a product of excellent quality and optimum performance.


4. Laboratory Tests:

If up to this point the product has fulfilled all the demands of our engineering team, we carry out the most stringent steps in the entire R&D process: the laboratory tests.

With specialized teams from our laboratories they make the following tests: Efficiency (Strength Factor), stress and strain, operating temperatures, electrical tests (Dielectric strength and insulation resistance), photometric and colorimetric tests (color temperatures), IP protection and vibration among others.

These laboratory tests are fundamental in determining that the product has the proper conditions to be certified and be sent to market or if it should pass through any of the previous steps in order that corrective procedures be taken to ensure that the product comply with the demands of all of the tests.

ledlite-led-light-tests    ledlite-led-photometry 

5. Certification of the product under international standards and seals of approval:

At this point, the company has assured that the products comply with the seals of approval and international norms of certification. They send samples to each of the certifying organisms so that they can begin with the pertinent verifications of both the products and the processes of fabrication of said products.

In the event that, at this point, any of the organisms ask for modifications or improvements in the design, we return to the previous step and evaluate the diverse possibilities for responding to the changes according to the established parameters.

If you would like to know more about the certification process used by LEDlite International Co. and its products, click here.

6. Mass production and marketing:

Finally, after beginning with a simple conceptual idea that is evaluated hundreds of times and submitted to numerous filters, the product is ready to be mass produced and marketed around the world through our distributors, ensuring for our clients a product of high quality that complies with the highest international standards and that is fabricated by way of a process of rigourous production


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