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Corporate Social Responsibility

For LEDlite International Co., business makes sense. Our principle objective is to generate value for those who, in one form or another, interact with our company, beginning with the employees, associates and partners. Our hope is to extend the chain of value as far as our distributors and those clients that acquire our products all around the world.

We are committed to generating wellbeing in all the links of the chain, from the cleaning personnel of our principle headquarters to the personnel in charge of assembling products in our Shenzhen factory.

Our managers use the same desks as the designers. All our employees use LED lightning in their homes, we implement recycling programs of all types of electronic products and we encourage the use of public transport for arriving at work.

We are conscious of the need to care for the natural environment and we adopt environmentally friendly production processes. We do not use substances that are toxic or dangerous to human, animal or plant life.

“It would not make sense, nor would it be worth it to fabricate LED illumination products that save energy, if during the process of fabrication we contaminate the natural environment.”

Our philosophy is:

If the environment, our customers, and our employees are doing well, so too will the company.

We invite you to take part in these good ideas…Si you have a good idea pertaining to corporate responsibility, share it with us!