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LEDlite has the right product for whatever kind of residential, comercial, corporate or government application. Do you need to light your offices? A new store? A warehouse? A pathway? Your house?... LEDlite has the right product for you.

Below, you will find our different product lines and can contact one of our authorized distributors to find out more about us.

LED Slimmy Panels

Our LEDlite Slimmy panels are one of our most successful comercial products thanks to their versatility, extra thin design and a wide range of sizes and powers available. The LEDlite Slimmy panels can be used in all types of applications, from lighting up bathrooms to illuminating airports.

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LED Bulbs

Bulb type E27: The traditional E27 Bulb filament good for all types of applications.

Dichroic type MR16 – GU10 / GU5.3: The perfect replacement for traditional halogen bulbs, but with a better variety of light colours and aperture angle for the lights.

Type PAR30 - PAR38: Widely used in stores, museums, and luxury residences.

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LED Flood Lights

LED floodlights have become one of the most widely used products in the world for the illumination of facades, gardens, signs, fences and public spaces. Thanks to their low consumption of energy and their high luminosity they are able to replace other lighting technologies that are less efficient. Additionally, it is possible to install them outdoors and in environments exposed to moisture.

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LED Panels 60x60

LED 60X60 Panels are the optimum solution for the illumination of offices of all kinds. Their versatility allow you to replace old fluorescent tubes without the necessity of costly labour jobs (Retrofit) and offer a modern touch to the spaces where they are installed.

Additionally, the 60X60 LEDlite panels can be directly installed in the building ceiling or hung using metallic cables that lend an architecturally, cutting edge presentation.

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LED Strips

In speaking of LED Strips, we find a completely new innovation in lighting technology. Through LED technology we have succeeded in creating lighting strips that are highly resistant to the diverse conditions that they can be installed in:

Whether they be used in suites, advertising spaces or any number of architectural environments, either indoors or outdoors, LEDlite strips are the perfect tool for achieving surprising results with very little work and affording a high level of creativity.

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LED Street Lighting

In this century, one of the biggest challenges that cities have consists in replacing the traditional technology of illumination for public spaces (Metal Halide, Sodium and Mercury among others) for the technology of LED type illumination. By replacing traditional bulbs energy consumption is significantly diminished and the perception of security in the streets is increased.

With LEDlite, cities can find a complete array of offerings in LED Lighting for Public Illuminations to meet their every need, and can depend on these high quality products that enjoy the support of the most recent technologies.

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LED COB Downlight

If one is trying to choose a product for the home, most likely, a LED COB Downlight will be your best alternative. With LEDlite your clients can find a wide variety of LED COB Downlights of the most recent generation, with multiple designs and technical specifications for every environment you’re looking to illuminate.

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LED Tubes

This is the best LED product for Retrofit applications in all types of spaces that require direct replacements. Thanks to the fact that they permit the use of existing lighting systems they provide a low cost solution with all of the inherent advantages of LED lighting.

Whether for T5 or T8 replacement tubes in any of the usual powers, with LEDlite you can find a LED tube to fit your needs.

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