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LEDlite Warranties


LEDlite Service Guarantees

For LEDlite International Co. it is really important to offer peace of mind to our clients by giving them a flexible and efficient service guarantee and by doing all we can to diminish the conditions and restrictions if and when it is necessary to claim refunds.

To facilitate this, the service guarantee is offered directly by the authorized distributors in every one of the regions where the LEDlite brand has coverage.

All the products of the LEDlite brand come with guarantees that vary between one (1) and seven (7) years depending on the product range and what each of the distributors in the various regions of coverage consider appropriate to ensure the optimization of the useful life of products. Our factory is responsible for checking the defective products and providing the replacement within the terms set by the distributors in every region of coverage as stipulated in the guarantee policy.


If you possess one or various LEDlite products for which you would like to make use of the service guarantee, please communicate with us through our contact form (Click here) and one of our authourized distributors will be in contact with you shortly in order to offer you the best service possible and replace the defective product(s).