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About LEDlite

​For more than 20 years, LEDlite international Co. has been dedicated to the investigation, development and manufacture of products that integrate LED technology (Light Emitting Diodes). In the last 7 years LEDlite has specialized in creating a complete portfolio specializing in lighting products of mass consumption for residential, commercial, government and corporate use.

At the present time, LEDlite brand is positioned as one of the leading brands in the world market of LED illumination thanks to the high quality of their products at competitive prices. They've always been in the vanguard of this technology and offer the most cutting edge innovations available.

We invite you to learn more about our headquarters and our production center:

Principal Offices – Carson City, CA. USA.

LEDlite´s International Co. are located in Carson City, California, USa. From here LEDlite coordinates all of the following activities:


- Design and product development (R&D).

- Quality control at the production stage in our factories in Shenzhen.

- Logistics related to the supply chain and distribution at the international level.


In our central offices we count on talented individuals in a range of fields (engineers, designers, foreign trade and logistics staff, each of them entrusted with the responsibility to make LEDlite a leading brand in LED lighting products, as much in quality, design and strength as in the systems of supply for all our clients at the global level.



Show Room and Hands-On Centre 

Visit our hands-on centre to learn about each of our LEDlite products. Here you can enjoy direct contact with the different product lines, test the technical specifics and evaluate the various solutions that we have on offer for you.

Arrange a guided visit and one of our lighting experts will assist you in a tour of our offices and interactive, hands-on centre in Carson, California. It would be the perfect opportunity to come to a complete understanding of the different product lines that we have to offer.

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Production Plant – Shenzhen, China.

The production plants of LEDlite international Co. are found in Shenzhen city, located in the south of Canton province, China. This location enjoys easy access to maritime ports, airports and the best transport routes as it is the seat of the leading business producers of LED lighting worldwide. Thanks to its privileged location, our production plant has material suppliers of the highest quality and an efficient delivery schedule which allows us to offer a rapid and trustworthy chain of supply.

It's in this production plant that all the LEDlite products are manufactured and sent on their way to our clients around the world.

factory-building-ledlite-international    factory-production-ledlite-international 
factory-floodlights-ledlite-international    factory-photometer-ledlite-international

To LEDlite international Co. having you as a customer is a pride, count on our experience and support to provide LED lighting solutions beyond your expectations.